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Wednesday, June 28

New Resource to Add


My name is Oliver Clark and over the last five years, I've set up a drug and alcohol addiction information resource. The resources/website is called Rehab 4 Alcoholism. I started this resource following my own successful victory against alcoholism. You can find this resource here:

This is a free resource, and our content is designed to assist people suffering from a range of addictions and mental health problems.

I was reading a post on your website today ( On this page, you link to Web MD's website at This is somewhat similar to my own website above.

If possible, could you possibly link to Rehab 4 Alcoholism from too?

If possible, you could insert the below:

Rehab 4 Alcoholism offers free support and help to people who suffer with alcohol and drug addiction. Rehab 4 Addiction offers free telephone assistance and also maintains useful resources and guides on its website. Website:

Many thanks for helping me spread the word about this resource. I've also attached my website logo. Feel free to upload this along with the above text. Let me know when done, and I can of course link back to your website from Rehab 4 Alcoholism.

Many thanks,

Oliver Clark, Rehab 4 Alcoholism


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